Response Point – Ring Tones – Syspine

Someone asked the other day about how to change the telephone ring tones on the Response Point Syspine system phones.  I directed them to access the Response Point Assistant and select SETTINGS and then PHONE SETTINGS.  This should open a browser interface where they have to supply the phone username/password.  Then they can get to where the Ring Tones can be changed.

I got an email back saying that they could not change the ring tones.

I pulled my Syspine Demo system out, fired it up, connected my laptop and wahla (voila?)

So, here is a picture – which they tell me is worth a thousand words.


One Response to “Response Point – Ring Tones – Syspine”

  1. Craig LaHote Says:

    Allen, there are also ring settings under the SIP Settings that may be overriding the Ringer setting you’ve documented. If multiple users have been assigned to the phone (such as a ring all group), the ring tone for each user can be modified from the SIP Settings menu.

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