Response Point Customer

A recent Response Point customer used our system to replace his Avaya system that he had been using for two years.  Jeff F. told me he finally found a satisfactory use for his previous system.  He put the system in a cardboard box and is now using it as a doorstop – at least until he can get the previous vendor to come and take it back.

Response Point system replaced this

Response Point system replaced this


3 Responses to “Response Point Customer”

  1. Ron Rogers Says:

    I’m the Product Manager for the Avaya PARTNER ACS system, so all I can say is “OUCH”, that’s a painful picture.

  2. Allen Miller Says:

    Hi Ron,

    My picture may have been more a statement on the service provided by the previous vendor than on the phone system. I certainly don’t have any issues with your phone system. As I understand it – the customer had this system for about 2 years and was never billed for it and never considered all the installation issues to be taken care of.

    From the perspective of a Response Point mailing list – I just thought it was a fun image. Nothing personal intended. I hope we can still be friends.


  3. Ron Rogers Says:

    None taken – just trying to have a little fun with you. Guess it’s time for your customer to put the system on eBay.

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