AMCC Hosts Small Business Summit 2008 – 3/24 – 27

Catch the Small Business Summit 2008 during the days of March 24 through March 27. To get there – just click the link on the right of this blog that says Small Business Summit 2008.

Kevin Royalty (of CiNPA and the Small Business Server User Group) is one of the famous presenters. He will be presenting the segment titled “Run Your Business from Anywhere”.

ALSO, if you register at the Summit web page, you will have a chance to win a Response Point telephone system!

One Response to “AMCC Hosts Small Business Summit 2008 – 3/24 – 27”

  1. SBSorized Dale Says:

    Is that the correct title? It would be more entertaining for Kevin and the audience if it were changed at the moments just prior to the camera’s going live to move the last word “anywhere” a few places leftwards. The blue screen behind Kevin could be of him running through the streets of Pamplona with ‘the bulls’ then the streets of Paris on one of those outdoor campfire nights. As a recent example Kevin could discuss flying to Redmond. 😛

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