Is Response Point system down?

This afternoon I was at a customer’s site doing some IT consulting. During our conversation I mentioned the new Microsoft Response Point telephone system. In trying to describe its voice recognition I figured I would just demonstrate it using his desk speakerphone. I dialed in to my office and told him ‘just listen to this’. Well all we heard was ringing and ringing and ringing! Not wanting to loose my rhythm I said ‘what do you think of it so far?’ Then – just kidding – I’m not sure what is wrong – I’ll have to check into it when I get back to my office. To myself I was thinking – great – 3 months old and has this system already failed?

After leaving this customer I ran a few errands and then headed back to my office. I never gave it a second thought when I had to wait for a police’person’ who was directing traffic at an intersection two blocks from the office. When I unlocked the office door I was greeted by NO POWER! Duh – no wonder Response Point was answering. Nothing electrical was working. We rarely have power outages in this area – an hour later power was restored and Response Point was back on-line.


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