Response Point – Software Usability Engineering

This evening I had a new (for me) experience. George, from Microsoft, and a colleague of his who I feel bad because I didn’t get her name, did a LiveMeeting session with me where I got to try out the new firmware upgrade function for the Response Point Administrator program. I can’t believe it, after all these years I finally got to put in my 2 cents. No really, I am really up on the Response Point Telephone system and if I can do something to contribute to the value of the product, I am happy to do so.

Now I just wish I could have been involved in the software usability studies that were done on the Microsoft Office Word/Exel menu ribbons or whatever they call them. I hope there are some out there that have really benefitted from the 2007 redesign but I can tell you – I am not one of them.


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